Natascha is a farmer’s girl, born and raised in Austria. Livestock was part of her upbringing, her love for sheep started when her father bought her a ewe “Gretl“– a Suffolk when she was just 5 years old.

Gretl had the run of the farm, and even visited the neighbouring florist occasionally which didn’t go down too well!

Sheep were always her favourite farm animal. After living in London for many years, with no space for sheep of her own, she moved to rural Lincolnshire, where she finally got back in touch with farming by helping out with the lambing on a neighboring farm. Two of the cade lambs, that she hand-reared, became the start of her own flock.

Lucky and Nibbles are still on her farm today and Natascha prides herself in giving all her animals a free range life, with the best care and love. She is besotted with them all. Her love for sheep seems to have transferred to her little boy, Lukas, as you can see above! She absolutely loves working with their wool; It is such a versatile material that doesn’t get enough credit these days.

Harriet’s journey leading to Ewe Design started with her gaining a degree in Textile Design, she had a successful career as a fashion designer, and for more that a decade specialised in Ladies Knitwear and Fast Fashion. Over time she came to realise the detrimental impact that Fast Fashion was having and disliked the ethics of this sector of the industry, the waste and throw away culture it encouraged didn’t align well with her own views and so she stepped away to concentrate on other projects.

In recent years she has been using felting techniques to create artwork of landscapes and animal portraits.  Initially only as a hobby, Harriet is now selling her Yorkshire landscapes in galleries.  Last year she and Natascha decided to look at using the same felting techniques to create bespoke, handmade rugs. They are both so excited with the feedback that these vegetarian, sustainable products have received so far and are looking forward to making their next collection.

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